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Zero-2-One Tower will be the tallest building in Cape Town at 42 storeys covering a floor area of 44 000 m² which includes retail at ground level and 860 apartments of which 312 will be affordable New York style apartments selling for less than R 800 000 which is for an effective occupation date in 2020 and not a current date price. Zero 2 One Tower will provide some of the most astounding 360 degree views available in Cape Town. The building is topped off with a viewing deck available to the public which will generate significant revenues for the owners of this development.

Construction of this tower block located on the corner of Strand and Adderley Streets is scheduled to commence in March 2018 and will be complete in August 2020. The architecture on this iconic building is designed by FWJK Architecture to firstly respond to the brief, maximizing the efficiency of the floor-plates and the statement of the building in general considering its location at the gateway to the city as well as reinforcing its stature in this prime location.

The typology of the building leans towards a multi-punctured façade, allowing for balconies and windows from each apartment. This is further rationalized with the use of an Architectural language and by using various elements, materials and form, the building takes on a unique signature and style.

The architectural design and building aesthetic of Zero-2-One Tower responds positively to its immediate surrounds and the city at large. The building is “lifted” off the ground in order to create safe, open and protected walkways at grade which allows access at various points along the building edge for pedestrians, thereby activating the building and the urban streetscape.

The apartments start at +/- 36m above ground level which will allow for unobstructed 360 views from the lowest levels. The building has been designed as such to make full use of its North orientation, thereby making apartments sunny, comfortable and most importantly energy-efficient.

Zero 2 One Tower will be launched to the public for sale during the next 2 months and is expected to sell out within a very short space of time. Sales will subject to FWJK receiving all of the necessary approvals from the city of Cape Town.

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